Self Care Check In – Aligning The Head, Heart & Gut

Did you know we use more than our head brain to make decisions? Have you ever heard the saying ‘heart on my sleeve’, ‘gut feeling’, ‘my heart wasn’t in it’, ‘rocked me to my core’?

Imagine if your head, heart and gut were in true alignment and you could make descisions based on all three brains instead of one controlling the others? How much clearer would the mind be? How much purer would the heart feel and how comfortable and secure would your gut be? The purpose of the three brains are all slightly different and when we bring them into alignment your highest expression of each brain can shine through. Hello creative mind, compassionate heart and courageous gut!

Have you ever experienced a moment when you answered a question and thought later ‘Oh I don’t really want to do that’ or ‘Why did I say yes to that?’ Or ‘I should have spoken up’. For some people this happens on a daily basis. You might even feel like your telling lies to people because of how inauthentic some situations have become. This is a behaviour that may have now become habitual for you. The good news is though, that you can change it!

When we live daily in alignment our world becomes a place where you feel deeply settled. Your actions are in alignment with who you are and want to be. You feel good about yourself and the things that you are doing. You might enjoy more moments for yourself to really check in with yourself and answer questions more honestly. You become such a true being, so authentic to yourself. You see a reflection in the mirror of someone you are proud of. You don’t let one brain control the actions you take, you have a deep understanding and wisdom of how your body works in relation to all of your brains.

We have neurons inside our hearts and guts that send signals to our brain that assist in our decision making progress. How would your life changed if you lived congruently and took space for yourself to check in with all three brains? What painful situations would you have avoided because of your new authentic self and your new actions?

Fun fact: When using Multiple Brain Integration Techniques with a client their pace and tone of voice changes when connecting with each brain. It’s astounding to hear! Would you like to experience integration of your three brains?

You’re welcome to connect with me for a free consult to chat about what’s going on for you and discover your options and how we can create magic together. Take my hand and come with me on a journey into your brains.

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