A Bright Future

I came to Tilly not knowing what to expect from coaching, almost being a little pessimistic about what coaching could do for me.

I couldn’t really pin point an aspect of my life I was feeling was lacking, I just knew I wasn’t as happy and fulfilled as I wanted to be.

For awhile leading up to my decision to meet up with Tilly, I had been considering talking to a professional about how I’d been feeling. I had no idea who or what would give me what I needed, because I myself, had no idea what I needed – Tilly then suggested I come for a free consultation to get an idea what being coached is all about, to see if it would be something I was into. I thought why not?

So leading up to our consultation, Tilly asked if I’d be willing to complete an online behavioural analysis questionnaire. I had never heard of these before, but was told it would give her and I, a better understanding of my behavioural style; my strengths, my motivators, situations that reduce my motivation etc. basically a better understanding of ME – I tell you what, boy am I glad I did it. It took me 10 minutes and I cannot believe the results I got back, it described me almost down to my blue eyes and brown hair (HAHA). I immediately felt relieved, felt that this coaching thing might just be up my alley.

So needless to say during the consultation I made up my decision, I wanted to go through with a coaching program.

Without getting into the program too much, my first session included going through the behavioural styles. Tilly explained the differences between each, gave me day to day examples of how one behavioural style would interact with another and explained how I could better interact with others around me. I found this information extremely helpful, I realised that I could navigate different types of people in my workplace/social life with a lot more care and a lot less triggering. I am able to work with their strengths as well as mine.

We also focused on identifying areas in my life where I was content and areas in my life where I could use a little more focus. Out of the areas I needed more focus, I would choose one and start working on being the best I could be.

I found these sessions incredibly rewarding. Instead of thinking “Why don’t I fit in? Is there something wrong with me?”, And becoming extremely frustrated and even angry with people not following my advice or not doing things how “I would do them” – I quickly realised I do have a place in this world and so does everyone else. Just because I think one way and someone thinks a completely different way, doesn’t mean either of us are wrong. It means we can look at a situation together, use both of our strengths together and come to the best solution together.

My sessions with Tilly showed me that I have all the tools within me to better my life. I came away from my coaching with a new found sense of pride and confidence, something that had been lacking for years in my life. I feel amazing, I’m constantly moving forward instead of feeling like my wheels are spinning.

Sure I still have my days where I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I’m human. But I constantly find myself thinking back to my coaching to get my focus back on track.

Throughout my coaching program I made HUGE changes in my life. Changes that I never thought I would be able to handle myself, living in an area without any family and (what I thought at the time) a small support group.

I changed social and romantic relationships drastically and I started pursuing the things in life that made ME happy. Funnily enough I realised I’m a much happier person that way.

I’ve even started taking steps towards creating my own business, something I never thought I would entertain in my life!

I’m over the moon with my results from my personal coaching with Tilly. For the first time in a long time I’m so excited to see what’s in store for my future!

Tommy BergerRefrigeration – Air Conditioning Technician