Break Up To Break Through

A close friend referred me to Matilda because I was going through a bad breakup, I was lost in myself and after giving so much of myself to the relationship I forgot who I was. My self worth was at an all time low.

I knew I needed some guidance to help rebuild myself to become the best version I can be.

Matilda’s Coaching, guidance, NLP, mBIT and Hypnosis techniques put a whole different perspective to my situation, totally changing the dynamics and how I saw it.

Matilda has some very impressive tools in her tool box for tackling all the directions I was seeking guidance for in my life. We worked on not only my break up but health, financial direction, mental toughness and clarity of my emotions.

No matter what subject arose, I came away with a greater knowledge and understanding on any topic, she is very knowledgeable with real life experience from hardships through to triumphs. This new found understanding has changed the trajectory of my life.

I can’t recommend her highly enough, working with Matilda was the greatest awakening I’ve had and suggest that if your seeking direction and guidance look no further.

Matilda will guide you to being the best “you”, you can be.

Dan JerabekMMU Operator