Drug Addiction Hypnotherapy

Drug Addiction Hypnotherapy

I was a chronic weed smoker. I would smoke from as soon I woke up, to late at night when I fell asleep, every day, for the last two years. This has not been a good situation for me to have put myself into. Smoking weed was a big financial burden, made me lazy and I procrastinated a lot! It got to the point where I didn’t want to even leave the house because of the anxiety I had from smoking.
With only two hypnosis sessions I have been able to completely stop! Something I thought was going to be extremely hard for me to do, became effortless. Matilda gave me the safety I needed to feel and confidence I needed to stop. I am now marijuana free and I haven’t felt this amazing in a very long time.
My PSTD has also ceased! I would without fail have nightmares if I didn't smoke before sleeping but since our sessions I've had ZERO! I am breathing easier, I have more energy, I am eating healthy and not feeling sick. My mind is clear and I’m making better choices in my life. I have no more mood swings and I even got myself a new job and just nailed an interview for another one! My life is changing in massive proportions! THANK YOU so much Matilda Quist, you seriously changed my life ❤

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