Forever grateful

I was stuck, unhappy and going nowhere . My mind was allowing my past experiences to keep me frozen in my current way of thinking. My heart was also hardening.

Matilda taught me how to rewire my brain, change my thought patterns and ultimately regain my self-worth. The thing l loved about Matilda’s coaching was she would tailor our sessions to specifically meet my needs. She was a one stop shop. Whilst it was structured, we didn’t have to follow the original plan step by step, we were able to deviate if needed as it was all about me and where l was at on each particular session.

Since participating in Matilda’s Personal Coaching Program l am back to my positive self, l don’t let my past define me, l challenge myself and love myself for who l am. I now depend on myself to make me happy; not other people or things.

Matilda is very inspiring and always answered my calls, texts or emails promptly if l needed to liaise with her between my sessions.

Thank you so much Matilda. Forever Grateful.