From Stuck To Success

I started my coaching with Matilda 6 weeks ago. The reason why I looked for a coach was because I felt stuck in my life, stuck in my job, (I hated going to work every day). My relationship was up and down, not very good. I have a one and a half year old son and I didnt have a lot of time to spend with him because I was always so busy. I had projects (like my business and music) that I always wanted to do but could never find the time.
I work in the corporate world at Westpac head office in Sydney and I hated going to work every day. I was really stuck, thats when I started searching for a coach. I saw all the reviews online that lead me to Matilda and I booked my first session and I was really skeptical because hiring someone esle to coach you I thought was a little bit strange, but then decided well why not?
Within 45 minutes in my first session that I didnt have to pay for, Matilda was able to make me see what was possible; what I was capable of and unleash this power from inside me that I never thought I had. It was crazy!
Then my first session with her after that I told her how much I hated my job and I was hoping she was going to say, “You need to quit your job and go and do something else.” but she made me realise that I’ve been trying to change everything and everyone around me for so long and I had the choice to, instead of that, change myself, which I never thought about. Still a little bit skeptical I gave it a go and within one week I started loving my job which I thought was insane!! Every day I was laughing going to work and finding all these amazing things about my job. Within two weeks of coaching I had achieved my entire years target ‪in two weeks‬! which is insane! Just crazy!
Then we started looking at my relationship and why I was trying to change my wife for so long and actually realised that I needed to change myself and my beliefs and now my relationship is amazing. I now have all this time, I find all this time whereas before I always procrastinated and now I can just do things like I’m taking action! Which in my past was always a struggle. I’ve started my projects, I have a business on the side now as well, I’m dedicating a lot of my time to music and I’m loving it and I just became this person that is unstoppable.
I couldn't even read a book before, I read 3 last year, at most. Now I’m averaging a book every 4-5 days in a different language aswell which for me it's just amazing.
Matilda really supported me because she has all different knowledge in different areas and different techniques because everyone is different and I knew I would have different needs than her other clients. Every time I went to her and asked something like “Can you teach me how to say no to people?” she would say “Ahh I’ve got this great material”, she would then send me information to read through then coach me through it in our sessions. Then she added me to her facebook community which bought so much value ot my life as well. 
So it changed my life from being unhappy, a bit depressed and stuck, to the happiest I have ever been, feeling unstoppable, feeling successful and loving every day of my life, and every aspect of it, being so grateful for everything that I have.
So if you are stuck in your life or your job or relationship or in your life in general I really recommend doing some coaching sessions with Matilda. There is no price that could pay for what she did for me and the person she made me become and the way how I feel today. If you work in corporate as well, I know a lot of people hate going to work every day, please do yourself a favour and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed, because this has been by far the best decision I have ever taken in my life and I am so thankful and grateful for having Matilda as my coach. Thank you.

Cassiano GarciaWestpac Head Office - Business Development Manager