Gaining Clarity & Momentum

As I’m a professional coach myself, I sometimes find I can get a little stuck thinking ‘I know all the tools already so I don’t really need help’….

The truth is, I’ve been sitting on some projects and ideas for quite some time now in both my business and personal life – knowing I could act at any time- but for some reason also knew I was stuck in limbo.

I was reluctant to see Matilda because I wasn’t even sure what exactly I wanted to get help with. I felt that if I didn’t have a clear question or direction to take to my first session, that our time would be wasted but I was completely wrong.

She coached me perfectly for my type of learning and behavioural style, and asked me questions that not only challenged me, but really pushed me into a place where I could feel the emotions rising up and felt how important and vital my business vision is to me.

I walked away from our first session, feeling so inspired and motivated, and started putting our planning into place immediately. Honestly, I’ve not been so excited about taking action in my business, as I am right now. I have some incredible gifts to share, and Matilda’s session reminded me how much of a disservice I would be doing the world by not sharing my knowledge and experiences.

It’s been two days since our FIRST session and I’ve already completely overhauled several pages on my website, set out plans for future offerings, tweaked some of my current online programs, and attracted clients that I wouldn’t normally have attracted, if it weren’t for Matilda’s help.

These are changes I’ve thought about for many months. I can’t wait to finalise all of the homework she set out for me, so I can get back for another session!

Zoe SwainHealth, Sexuality and Self Love Mentor + Best Selling Author