Happiness Fire Within

When I saw an ad about becoming a Life Coach I thought to myself, I actually need a Life Coach as I am not happy at my workplace and I’m feeling stuck in the same place for seven years. I have been living in Australia for ten years and I though there must be something I am missing in life. There has to be more.
So I contacted the Life Coaching College to suggest to me a Life Coach to improve my engineering career using a leadership approach. I was given three contacts and the energy and enthusiasm I received from Matilda was way different than the other two ladies! While they kept postponing me for their own personal plans and requesting me to drive to their chosen location for them, Matilda was there saying "Yes! This is so exciting! When do we start? I am happy to be flexible. What suits you and you will change yourself I will only hold the ropes?"

I knew I had to work with her. She wasn’t the cheapest but I wasn’t going to put my life in the hands of the uncommitted. Matilda was there to help me discover what really makes me happy (what I value most and the rules I had made behind them). We worked together on even the littlest of details and how I am actually not using my emotions resourcefully in my life and how I’m spending time over negative thoughts, instead of focusing on positive and useful things to work through my own goals and happiness.

Matilda helped me figure out the answer to any question I had or any hiccup in my personal relationships that was eating my brain. If I was wondering why certain things happened in communication with people she would then ask me questions and share her knowledge showing me alternate ways to think about that situation which opened my eyes to the different realities and how we all see the world in our own way.

Since Life Coaching with Matilda I now stop and take a few steps back in a complicated situation, which helps me see the bigger picture and see things broadly instead of reacting straight away.

Most importantly there is a ‘happiness fire’ going inside me now, no matter what, I enjoy life and or anything I do in a deeper level than ever before. Thanks Matilda for showing me that we are all awesome in our own way! And you really do have a magic Wand! :)

Özge RockInternal Sales Engineer