Change For The Better

I found Matilda through luck and it was just meant to be. I had googled Life Coaches and loved what her website had to say. I shot Matilda a quick text message and was surprised to receive an immediate response. I found Matilda easy to chat to straight away.

I was looking into life coaching after discovering I had Endometrioses and Biological Anxiety and felt I needed to do more than just medicate myself.

Matilda has gotten me to look at things differently. I had for so long put defensive measures in place to protect myself that I had lost who I was and I wasn’t happy. It’s not easy. You have to work hard to make the changes, but Matilda gives you the tools and support.

I’m happier and less stressed. I feel more complete and confident of who I am. I spend less time worrying about things I can’t change and get what I need done without drama.

My husband, friends and family all say I’m happier and I don’t get angry as often.

Danielle CollinsEasy Agent – Finance Support