Interview Coaching

Recently I engaged Matilda's services in preparation for an upcoming interview.

Whilst I thought I had a good understanding and approach to the role, Matilda provided thorough insight and knowledge that was invaluable.

We fine tuned my responses in such a way that they painted a picture, which increased the clarity and direction of my answers.

Being in remote NSW, our correspondence was via messages, email and video calls. At no point was I made to feel as though I was hassling her, or being a burden or distraction on her time.

At my interview I felt calm, confident and prepared for any and all questions asked to, and of, me.

While interview coaching is just one aspect of Matilda's business, I have the upmost faith in her professionalism and her ability to get positive results for anyone, regardless of their needs and circumstances.

I highly recommend Matilda and her services to assist anyone in achieving their goals. She will get you there.

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