Personal Growth

I decided to look for a life coach as I felt I needed more than the help I was receiving in therapy. I felt instead of moving forward I was constantly reliving the past events and stuck in the same negative headspace by talking about the event over and over again.

After the first session with Matilda I left feeling very excited and really positive about the life coaching journey I was about to explore. I am only half way through the program and have learnt so much, not only how to live with a positive mind set, but also a lot about myself, and the person I am now. Matilda has taught me how to change my way of thinking, and how to live above the line, although this was very challenging at first, I now can recognise negative thoughts/situations and am making a conscious effort to stay above the line. I have also learnt about the behavioural concepts and the DISC personalities, which has become very helpful in learning about myself to see area’s I would like to change, but also how to handle situations with different personality types in my workplace.

I am only half way in the 12 session program but I can already see how this has changed my life and will continue too, with massive support from Matilda, I now have a positive outlook on life and I am no longer afraid to try new things, take risks and step out of my comfort zone.

I am so grateful for everything Matilda have taught me this far and am really excited to see where the next half of the journey brings. Thank you Matilda xx “

Update: From sessions six to twelve

I have noticed throughout my coaching that whilst we honed in on one area of my life that all other areas have increased in satisfaction!

My confidence has changed so much! I’m more positive and I am doing things that I actually enjoy. I'm at peace with my finances, have more courage to face challenges and I feel like I really have found self-love, knowing that if something isn’t going to serve me then I don’t have to do it to please others.

I also noticed the changes in my visualisations, they grew stronger and I now know that things WILL work out which is really motivating and empowering. I moved from a state of being fearful, with resentment and even some sadness to a state of happiness, self-love and peace with myself and those around me.

In the last session we worked on things that I would congratulate myself on. Here’s my list:

Letting go of negative thoughts and memories
Overcoming the feeling of embarrassment and shame from past life events
Finally letting down my guard to become more open and less fearful
Living with a positive attitude to life (we referred to these actions as – living above the line)
I was proud I now accept challenges by changing my mindset
And best of all, I’ve learnt to love myself for who I am
I am so grateful and have decided that I would like to continue for another six sessions (spread out over six months) to keep learning more about myself! Thank you Matilda xx”

Erica BealesLeasing Consultant