Taking Control Of My Life

I knew Matilda would be extremely effective so I recently had a coaching session with her. Before the session I had no energy and no motivation to work on any of my goals. I was not prioritising my health.

Matilda & I delved into a variety of areas in my life, with important aspects rated from a 1-10. Doing this made me realise and decide that my overall health should be my first priority.

Working on improving overall health would affect all other areas in a positive way to increase my satisfaction and comfort in life.

I chose three goals that I should begin to reach right away.

Since investing in coaching with Matilda my enjoyment of life has improved dramatically. I have more energy to get outside and live life. I have realised what is important. I feel more in control of my situation. I wake up each morning ready to face the day and this is only the beginning.

Selina AllenSales Assistant - David Jones