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Matilda Wand - Behavioural Strategist & Life Coach
Matilda Wand - Behavioural Strategist & Life Coach

When I was 17 years old I witnessed my ex-partner commit suicide in front of me. This forced me to have a post traumatic growth experience (and quarter life crisis by the time I was 21) that not many others get to experience.

I lived in my own human study of behaviours of the mind and how we ‘make up’ our own reality. Through my personal journey I have learnt how to move from rock bottom to complete contentment. Whilst this event lead to downhill changes first, the level of life I chose to live after these traumatic events has proven to be one of ultimate success, love and freedom.

As Deepak Chopra quoted, “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

Firstly, success to me is being content with where you are right now and still having aspirations for the future. Having ecological goals that feel good are good for me, good for others and good for the greater good.

My societal successes include:
* competing in the 2017 Women’s World Cup for American Football
* being a sponsored athlete across multiple supplement and apparel brands
* founding and directing two successful companies - Coaching Corporate & Freedom is
* facilitating transformative international retreats in the beautiful Vanuatu
* being an ambassador for motorbike riding on a global level
* currently a Professional Firefighter.

I believe the way I did things in my life actually isn’t the way you ‘should’ do your life. Life is not a cookie cutter approach. I am not here to push my personal ideologies onto others. I passionately work with clients where I encourage them to form their own path in the ways that are ecological and suitable for them. No one has walked in their shoes. Subconsciously they actually know the answers, even if they don’t think they do yet. I coach clients to uncover their ultimate potential, get crystal clear clarity on what they really want and bring their goals and dreams into fruition so that they can, like me, live the life that they desire and in a way that creates sustainable and lasting change.

As a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming you know I have accreditation with the best coaching organisations on the planet. Being master certified in neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, multiple brain integration techniques, behavioural analysis and matrix therapies gives me the knowledge, insight and tools to coach consciously and organically using the various coaching modalities I am trained in.

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Cassiano Garcia

Business Development Manager – Westpac Head Office

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"Each of us lives life at the level we have been taught to experience. For some of us, this means that life is a daily experience of inspiration, joy and excitement. For others, it means a life of pain and bitter disappointment. Wherever you are right now, you can choose to experience another level by making different choices."

-Matilda Wand

Coaching Is For You If…

You feel 'lost' or don't know what decisions to make for the future

You are experiencing a lack of direction & motivation

You feel stuck in an unfulfilling job or relationship

You find it hard to get balance in your work, family & social life

You want to talk to someone who is totally non-judgemental and 'has your back'

You find it hard to be self expressed and say what you really want or feel

You want to rid bad patterns or habits

You lack confidence or self esteem or feelings of 'I'm not good enough'

You're finding it hard to really believe you can achieve your goals

You feel you 'should' be or have something more in life right now, but don't know how to achieve it

Who Coaching ISN’T For…

You don't want growth

You aren't ready to invest in yourself

You haven't made the decision to really give this 100%

You won't commit to yourself

You 'don't have time' (meaning you aren't prioritising yourself)

You aren't ready to take personal responsibility

You make excuses

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Nadine Taragoulias
Nadine TaragouliasAssistant Principal

The leadership coaching program assisted me with creating and maintaining a work-life balance, ensuring I regularly make time for myself as well as recognising the importance of my wellbeing and being healthy. The activities that Matilda provided me with were thought provoking and they also made me reflect on my qualities as a leader. The program reinforced my commitment of pursuing my dream job and how I will be able to achieve it. Matilda worked with me to further develop my self-confidence and she provided me with effective strategies for empowering self-talk and self-love through meditation. I continue to use the skills and strategies that Matilda has taught me on a daily basis. I am now at the end of the 3 month program and I can honestly say that I feel like a new and improved me. A valuable and empowering program that was delivered by an expert coach.

Cassiano Garcia
Cassiano GarciaBusiness Development Manager - Westpac

I told her how much I hated my job and I was hoping she was going to say, “You need to quit your job and go and do something else.” but she made me realise that I’ve been trying to change everything and everyone around me for so long and I had the choice to, instead of that, change myself, which I never thought about. Still a little bit skeptical I gave it a go and within one week I started loving my job which I thought was insane!! Every day I was laughing going to work and finding all these amazing things about my job. Within two weeks of coaching I had achieved my entire years target ‪in two weeks‬! which is insane! Just crazy!

Richard Seamark
Richard SeamarkConsultant Psychiatrist

The outcome for myself over a relatively short period of time has been transformative and the possibilities within the domain of relationships for me are now completely open and there are no longer the barriers that I was putting in place previously. I highly recommend Matilda as a Life Coach.

Client Prefers Discretion
Client Prefers DiscretionManager

Matilda taught me how to rewire my brain, change my thought patterns and ultimately regain my selfworth. The thing l loved about Matilda’s coaching was she would tailor our sessions to specifically meet my needs. She was a one stop shop. Whilst it was structured, we didn’t have to follow the original plan step by step, we were able to deviate if needed as it was all about me and where l was at on each particular session.

Erica Beales
Erica BealesLeasing Consultant

Matilda has taught me how to change my way of thinking, and how to live above the line, although this was very challenging at first, I now can recognise negative thoughts/situations and am making a conscious effort to stay above the line. I have also learnt about the behavioural concepts and the DISC personalities, which has become very helpful in learning about myself to see area’s I would like to change, but also how to handle situations with different personality types in my workplace. My confidence has changed so much! I’m more positive and I am doing things that I actually enjoy. I'm at peace with my finances, have more courage to face challenges and I feel like I really have found self-love, knowing that if something isn’t going to serve me then I don’t have to do it to please others.

Dan Jerabek
Dan JerabekMMU Operator

Matilda has some very impressive tools in her tool box for tackling all the directions I was seeking guidance for in my life. We worked on not only my break up but health, financial direction, mental toughness and clarity of my emotions. No matter what subject arose, I came away with a greater knowledge and understanding on any topic, she is very knowledgeable with real life experience from hardships through to triumphs. This new found understanding has changed the trajectory of my life.

KarenCorporate Sustainability Manager

As a creative person working in a demanding corporate position, I was finding that balancing work, relationships, personal goals and my own internal needs was becoming really difficult. Matilda's coaching helped me to pinpoint why my energy and motivation was low, and to define what was really important to me. I would have said that I would never be 'that person' (who I longed to be!) who gets up at 5:30am to exercise, sets and achieves goals, and has more energy for personal relationships and planning fun than I ever did before (when I slept in!) but here I am doing it! I highly recommend life coaching sessions with Matilda as a strategic step in improving your quality of life. It is an amazing feeling to look back and see the changes!

Client Prefers Discretion
Client Prefers DiscretionEntrepeneur

With only two hypnosis sessions I have been able to completely stop! Something I thought was going to be extremely hard for me to do, became effortless. Matilda gave me the safety I needed to feel and confidence I needed to stop. I am now marijuana free and I haven’t felt this amazing in a very long time. My PSTD has also ceased! I would without fail have nightmares if I didn't smoke before sleeping but since our sessions I've had ZERO! I am breathing easier, I have more energy, I am eating healthy and not feeling sick. My mind is clear and I’m making better choices in my life.

Caitlin Hosking
Caitlin HoskingNutritionist / Transformation Coach

I was able to grasp a deep understanding as to why I was acting the way I was and how to take steps to creating a much more fulfilling life.
Over 6 weeks I have massively improved my relationship with myself, my partner and my business has been impacted and is gaining momentum.
My life has been changed exponentially and for the better. I highly recommend Matilda for anyone who wants to improve their life and start being their best version.

Sean Street
Sean StreetHuman Behaviour Expert

Matilda Quist is a force of nature. What she has accomplished and continues to accomplish in her life is incredible. If you want to take your business life to the next level, if you want to get some top quality leadership skills into your business, if you want to know more about your team and how to get them to work together in ways you haven’t seen before, contact Matilda. Her skills and her experience in management and in team dynamics will change your business. Her drive to succeed and her passion for your success will take you to places you have not been before. Matilda is dedicated to giving you her best - first time and every time. I can’t recommend Matilda Quist highly enough.

David Fox
David FoxPsychologist

I had a wonderful coaching session with Matilda. She is highly skilled in helping people shift old negative patterns and moving them towards what they want to achieve. Absolutely recommend her as a life coach. She is the consummate professional and really cares about helping people break through their limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Cameron Fancett
Cameron FancettStep Up OCE - Mining

I'm also getting better at self talk by turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts then tuning those thoughts into positive emotions like Matilda assisted me to. I feel this has helped the most, as the good days certainly out number the bad now.
I don't dread going to work anymore. Now I view each day as a stepping stone that WILL get me to where I want to go.

Mitch Wells
Mitch WellsSES + Operator

Being in remote NSW, our correspondence was via messages, email and video calls. At no point was I made to feel as though I was hassling her, or being a burden or distraction on her time. I have the upmost faith in her professionalism and her ability to get positive results for anyone, regardless of their needs and circumstances. I highly recommend Matilda and her services to assist anyone in achieving their goals.

Glen Reus
Glen ReusBid Manager

Undertaking Matilda’s program has been an incredibly beneficial experience.
Matilda has an exceptional coaching style, conversations were structured so concepts could be understood, and presented so I was learning from the experience.
I initially started off seeking some balance, then came away with a greater understanding and more knowledge, on how to live a more authentic and satisfied life.

Esther Norfolk
Esther NorfolkOccupational Therapist

I’ve had a long term history of eating disorders from anorexia to binge eating. I was not feeling worthy of nourishing my body so I would turn to starving myself. I’ve been yoyo dieting for years to find that quick fix when I put on weight, even though I know it was unsustainable.
More recently I have put on excessive weight because I haven’t been able to exercise like I normally would because of my back injury. I’ve literally been sedentary for 12 months. I saw Matilda for one healthy eating Hypnosis session and it’s completely changed my mind set.
I honestly didn’t think it would be so powerful. At the time I wasn’t even sure I was getting the full effect of hypnosis but my subconscious must have been really receptive. Because it honestly feels like I don’t even have to make a decision on good vs bad food. It’s just like “nope I’m not hungry my body doesn’t need fuel right now.” It’s a really bizarre feeling. It’s like I’ve been brainwashed in all of the right ways.

Simon Merrick
Simon MerrickLead Open Cut Examiner, Shift Co-ordinator - Yancoal

Matilda is a goal driven woman who understands what it takes to strive in todays society. I have seen first hand Matilda's ability to set life goals, map her course and execute the plan ultimately achieving her desired outcomes.

On top of achieving her own goals Matilda has helped others with their journey offering constructive coaching tailored for the individuals situation.

Honest, trustworthy and genuine are personal behaviours that Matilda carry's into all interactions with a passion to support others in reaching their potential.

Karyn Brown
Karyn BrownRegistered Nurse - Belmont Private

Best workshop I have been to in my 23 years of nursing. Thank you for changing my mind set Matilda. What an amazing day, at a very vulnerable time in my life.
I look forward to continuing to work with you in my journey of wellness.

Michael Parris
Michael ParrisNewcastle Herald

Matilda is a highly motivated and hard-working young woman who has a history of setting herself challenging goals and achieving them. She has overcome a personal tragedy in her teenage years and emerged with a positive, driven outlook on life.

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