Consultant Psychiatrist

“The outcome for myself over a relatively short period of time has been transformative and the possibilities within the domain of relationships for me are now completely open and there are no longer the barriers that I was putting in place previously.” See full video:

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Authentic & Satisfied

“Matilda has an exceptional coaching style, conversations were structured so concepts could be understood, and presented so I was learning from the experience. I initially started off seeking some balance, then came away with a greater understanding and more knowledge, on how to live a more authentic and satisfied life.”

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Moving Forward At Rapid Speed

“Matilda has given me belief in myself and helped me clarify what my actual goals are; which is a massive thing for me! I’ve been able to define my plan, I am feeling so focused and it’s been wonderful to have Matilda as my support.” See full video:

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Work Life Balance For Success

The leadership coaching program assisted me with creating and maintaining a work-life balance, ensuring I regularly make time for myself as well as recognising the importance of my wellbeing and being healthy. The activities that Matilda provided me with were thought provoking and they also made me reflect on my qualities as a leader. The …

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From Stuck To Success

Then my first session with her after that I told her how much I hated my job and I was hoping she was going to say, “You need to quit your job and go and do something else.” but she made me realise that I’ve been trying to change everything and everyone around me for so long and I had the choice to, instead of that, change myself, which I never thought about. Still a little bit skeptical I gave it a go and within one week I started loving my job which I thought was insane!! Every day I was laughing going to work and finding all these amazing things about my job. Within two weeks of coaching I had achieved my entire years target ‪in two weeks‬! which is insane! Just crazy!

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Break Up To Break Through

Matilda has some very impressive tools in her tool box for tackling all the directions I was seeking guidance for in my life. We worked on not only my break up but health, financial direction, mental toughness and clarity of my emotions.
No matter what subject arose, I came away with a greater knowledge and understanding on any topic, she is very knowledgeable with real life experience from hardships through to triumphs. This new found understanding has changed the trajectory of my life.

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Happiness Fire Within

Matilda was there to help me discover what really makes me happy (what I value most and the rules I had made behind them). We worked together on even the littlest of details and how I am actually not using my emotions resourcefully in my life and how I’m spending time over negative thoughts, instead of focusing on positive and useful things to work through my own goals and happiness. Since Life Coaching with Matilda I now stop and take a few steps back in a complicated situation, which helps me see the bigger picture and see things broadly instead of reacting straight away.
Most importantly there is a ‘happiness fire’ going inside me now, no matter what, I enjoy life and or anything I do in a deeper level than ever before. Thanks Matilda for showing me that we are all awesome in our own way!

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Healthy Eating/Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

I saw Matilda for one healthy eating Hypnosis session and it’s completely changed my mind set.
I honestly didn’t think it would be so powerful. At the time I wasn’t even sure I was getting the full effect of hypnosis but my subconscious must have been really receptive. Because it honestly feels like I don’t even have to make a decision on good vs bad food. It’s just like “nope I’m not hungry my body doesn’t need fuel right now.” It’s a really bizarre feeling. It’s like I’ve been brainwashed in all of the right ways.

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Drug Addiction Hypnotherapy

Drug Addiction Hypnotherapy

It got to the point where I didn’t want to even leave the house because of the anxiety I had from smoking.
With only two hypnosis sessions I have been able to completely stop! Something I thought was going to be extremely hard for me to do, became effortless. Matilda gave me the safety I needed to feel and confidence I needed to stop. My PSTD has also ceased! I am breathing easier, I have more energy, I am eating healthy and not feeling sick. My mind is clear and I’m making better choices in my life. I have no more mood swings and I even got myself a new job and just nailed an interview for another one!

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Improving My Quality Of Life!

I would have said that I would never be ‘that person’ (who I longed to be!) who gets up at 5:30am to exercise, sets and achieves goals, and has more energy for personal relationships and planning fun than I ever did before (when I slept in!) but here I am doing it! I highly recommend life coaching sessions with Matilda as a strategic step in improving your quality of life. It is an amazing feeling to look back and see the changes!

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Forever grateful

Matilda taught me how to rewire my brain, change my thought patterns and ultimately regain my self-worth. The thing l loved about Matilda’s coaching was she would tailor our sessions to specifically meet my needs.

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A Bright Future

My sessions with Tilly showed me that I have all the tools within me to better my life. I came away from my coaching with a new found sense of pride and confidence, something that had been lacking for years in my life. I feel amazing, I’m constantly moving forward instead of feeling like my wheels are spinning.

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Change For The Better

Matilda has gotten me to look at things differently. I had for so long put defensive measures in place to protect myself that I had lost who I was and I wasn’t happy. It’s not easy. You have to work hard to make the changes, but Matilda gives you the tools and support.

I’m happier and less stressed. I feel more complete and confident of who I am. I spend less time worrying about things I can’t change and get what I need done without drama.

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Interview Coaching

Matilda provided thorough insight and knowledge that was invaluable.

We fine tuned my responses in such a way that they painted a picture, which increased the clarity and direction of my answers.

Being in remote NSW, our correspondence was via messages, email and video calls. At no point was I made to feel as though I was hassling her, or being a burden or distraction on her time.

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Career Progression

I don’t dread going to work anymore. Now I view each day as a stepping stone that WILL get me to where I want to go.

I’m grateful I chose to be Coached by Matilda, I was just about to give up on the whole ‘career progressing’ situation. Matilda is definitely born to inspire people and it has helped me in my career progression.

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Gaining Clarity & Momentum

I was reluctant to see Matilda because I wasn’t even sure what exactly I wanted to get help with. I felt that if I didn’t have a clear question or direction to take to my first session, that our time would be wasted but I was completely wrong.

She coached me perfectly for my type of learning and behavioural style, and asked me questions that not only challenged me, but really pushed me into a place where I could feel the emotions rising up and felt how important and vital my business vision is to me.

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Personal Growth

My confidence has changed so much! I’m more positive and I am doing things that I actually enjoy. I’m at peace with my finances, have more courage to face challenges and I feel like I really have found self-love, knowing that if something isn’t going to serve me then I don’t have to do it to please others.

I also noticed the changes in my visualisations, they grew stronger and I now know that things WILL work out which is really motivating and empowering. I moved from a state of being fearful, with resentment and even some sadness to a state of happiness, self-love and peace with myself and those around me.

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Self-Worth & Self-Love

Matilda created a safe space for me to discuss what I needed to and figure out a way to move forward.

I was able to grasp a deep understanding as to why I was acting the way I was and how to take steps to creating a much more fulfilling life.
Over 6 weeks I have massively improved my relationship with myself, my partner and my business has been impacted and is gaining momentum.
My life has been changed exponentially and for the better.

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